Holy Communion will be celebrated on the first Sunday in Advent, November 27th. Communion will also be celebrated on Christmas eve at 7:00.

Worship in our Pollocksville Presbyterian Church centers around the model of worship of the Reformed Tradition with origins in Geneva, Switzerland.

 This worship focuses on The Word “the Holy Scriptures“ and the revealing to the world of God’s plan of salvation in Jesus Christ.

 Big words, ancient words if you want to look at it from our modern skate-board, entertainment perspective.

 Worship simply means, the giving of our utmost honor and respect to something outside of ourselves.

 In our Christian sense of Worship, we give that utmost honor and respect to God-The-Almighty.

 In giving such Worship to God, our Trinitarian Theology kicks in:

 We Worship God (Creator)

 We Worship Son of God (Jesus our Savior)

 We Worship Holy Spirit (Spirit of God, our Teacher, Protector and Power)

 The way we Worship, in one sense reveals our human short-comings and inability to express the highest devotion that we would think necessary; in another sense does indeed call our gathered selves to pray for God’s assistance in worship, to seek God’s guidance in our words and honor-giving, to work hard to pay attention in order keep ourselves focused on Worship.

Worship involves our singing; singing hymns, songs of worship, songs of encouragement. Singing always lifts the human heart, emotion and spirit.

Worship involves our praying and talking with God, alas, sometimes our one-way street of talking to God and unloading all of our problems and hopes and wishes.

Worship involves our listening listening to God’s Word (Scripture) read, listening as Holy Spirit helps us understand and interpret, and, alas, listening as the human person / preacher takes the Scripture of the Day and offers interpretation and a call to renewed faith.

Worship involves our giving our offerings, giving our tithes from our income, giving our time, giving our selves, and not just giving, but giving in the Name of God, giving in the Name of Jesus Christ, seeking to bring greater honor and worship to God by our giving and participating and serving.

Worship involves our relationship with God, through Jesus Christ, empowered by Holy Spirit.

Worship calls forth from us our very best in order to receive God’s very best.

 If you are new to our web-site, or new to our area, We Pollocksville Presbyterians invite you to join with us.STOP IN FIND OUT.

 We worship every Sunday Morning at 11 AM.Prior to that, we study, 9:30 our Christian Education (Sunday School) begins.

 We broadcast a taped 30-minute broadcast every Sunday Morning at 10:00 AM on WNNB 1490 AM and 103.9 FM for the New Bern area.



Pollocksville Presbyterian Church

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