Out of the Depths

The scripture for Sunday is Psalm 130.

You’ll notice the superscription says “A pilgrimage song” or “A song of ascent”.  There is indeed movement.  And this psalm is part of a larger body of 15 psalms (Psalms 120-134), which corporately move.  But, who’s moving in this psalm?  What’s moving?

You’ll notice that the psalm speaks from the individual and then addresses the nation.  “I cry out from the depths” in verse one to verse seven “Israel, wait for the LORD”.  The individual is in a pit.  And all they can do is cry and wait in that pit.  The same goes for the nation.  Israel is told to wait because the LORD WILL redeem them from all their sins.


So, God is doing the moving and we (individually and corporately) are doing the crying and waiting.

In our waiting, God is moving toward us.  We may not be able to tell it, but God is doing so!  And with God, there IS faithful love and God WILL redeem us from our sins.

This psalm doesn’t end on waiting.  It ends on God’s current and promised moving.  With God, there is forgiveness.  There is healing.  There is hope.  There is faithful love.

Siblings in Christ, believe this Good News!

Christ’s Peace,

Pastor T. Wes Moore

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