Welcome Aboard!



In Coastal Carolina, with the Marine and Navy “presence,” the term “Welcome Aboard!” makes sense. It’s the greeting that you would receive when you board a ship. It also is the greeting that you receive when you enter the Marine Corps base.

Often we hear it in church, the greeting as a new member “joins up” as a new choir member “sings-in”, and as Linda and I learned a year ago, as a new minister “comes on board.”


Welcome Aboard! A greeting of hospitality! A greeting of sincere welcome! A greeting entirely appropriate to The Church. One of the early symbols or “logos” of this new gathering of people called “Christ followers” or “People of The Way” or “Christians”… one of the first pictorial images used by leaders in the church was the picture of “a ship.”

Welcome Aboard the Church of Jesus Christ! Welcome Aboard the Ship of Faith.


As you journey through our web site, as you look at pictures of our people, or of some of our activities, or of our facilities, you may tune your ears to hear the welcoming words of our people, and see the welcoming faces of our church family, and observe the welcoming activities of this gathering of the saints.


Welcome Aboard! We pray God’s high calling for you as you journey through the days that God sets before you.

-Eric Faust, Minister-

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