Because He Lives, We Can Face Tomorrow

The scripture this Sunday is from Matthew’s Gospel.

For a moment, Mary Magdalene and Mary were the only bearers of the Good News of our Risen Christ.  For a moment, they were the only witnesses to the Resurrection.  For a moment, they were the only preachers.  Add grief over losing their friend only to find out his body was missing.

If you think about it, they had every reason to be scared.  That’s why they were told twice “don’t be afraid”.

They could have run away and kept the Good News to themselves.  They could have avoided the risk of rejection from Jesus’ other disciples.  Mary Magdalene and Mary could have avoided risk of prison and death because of an accusation of “conspiracy” from the religious officials and the state.  Yet, they did what both the angel and Jesus told them to do:  Go and tell the disciples.

The Good News is important between an individual and the Savior, obviously.  Yet, it doesn’t stop at a personal relationship.  The Good News of God’s embodied love found in Jesus Christ who would do anything to restore us has cosmic ramifications.  Mary Magdalene and Mary looked beyond their personal situation and risked preaching the Good News to a grieving world.

Friends, be encouraged and believe the Good News!

Christ’s Peace,

Pastor T. Wes Moore

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