Lessons and Carols

This Sunday, our service will be a Festival of Lessons and Carols.  The nine scriptures can be found here.  On Christmas Eve of 1918, the world had just gone through four years of World War I.  Nearly a generation of people were wiped out due to war and disease.  Unfortunately, the world was in the […]

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“A Voice Cries Out”

For this Sunday, we will be in John 1:6-8, 19-28. John has no title.  John is not given the title “John the Baptist” or “John the Baptizer”.  He is simply John.  And John has one purpose:  To testify to the Light. In verse twenty, after being asked by the religious leaders if he was the

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“The Good News Begins”

The scripture for this Second Sunday of Advent is Mark 1:1-8.   Mark is the oldest and shortest of the four Gospels.  The word “gospel” itself means “good news”.  And Mark begins this book with the words “[t]he beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ, God’s Son…”. Compared to the other three Gospels, Mark

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