Give in to Lent

I have a confession to make: I love Lent. There is something about this church season that speaks to me. The times of reflection are inspiring. The challenge of the lenten fast gives me discipline. The focus on my sin and my mortality reminds me that I am in desperate need of God’s love.

Lent may just be my favorite season of the church.

I have another confession to make: I am terrible at Lent.

I can never make it through my fast. I have been blessed with the great gift of making excuses. I can justify almost anything. I also have the gift of forgetting just what Lent is about. So, at the first moment of failure, I just give it up and fall back in to my old habits.

I am a failure and that is why I love Lent.

Though I often forget it during the weeks leading up to Easter, Lent is a reminder that we are all failures. It is a message that it is OK to be a failure. That God loves us in spite of our failures. That God knows we cannot do anything to save ourselves and so God chose to come down and save us all.

Lent is a reminder of why we needed God to do that. I hope that you will take time this Lent to reflect upon your failure and need for God’s grace. Take time to remember that God is not condemning you for not being perfect, but instead is actively working to be a part of your life despite your imperfection.

Give in to Lent. Give in to failure. Give in to grace.

May God continue to bless,

Rev. Collin

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