“Many Gifts, One Spirit”

The scripture for Pentecost Sunday is 1 Corinthians 12:1-13.

Remember, the Corinthian Church has many factions.  Some are trying to develop a hierarchy on spiritual gifts (teaching, preaching, praying, etc.).  Yet, the Apostle Paul argues that there is no such thing as a hierarchy.  There are different functions, yes!  There are appropriate times when various gifts will shine in certain circumstances.  However, each gift that has been poured out by God through the Holy Spirit onto each person is valued and needed.

I also think of our current circumstance today.  In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, spiritual gifts are needed now more than ever because we are facing unprecedented change.  There are gifts given to people that may not have been utilized in ways before this crisis.  Maybe you can think of it in this way: Necessity is the mother of invention.  In circumstances we never thought were possible, the Holy Spirit is working through people in ways unimagined.

Let us remember that the LORD works differently in each person.  In our Baptism, the Holy Spirit has been poured out on us and is working through us.  Each person has a different function and is no more or less important than someone else.  In other words, we are in this together and by the Spirit’s guidance, we are to work together.

Friends, believe this Good News!

Christ’s Peace,

Pastor T. Wes Moore

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