Pray for Everyone

1 Timothy 2:1-7 is our scripture for this Sunday.

Paul is giving Timothy a list of instructions.  First and foremost:  Pray!  Pray for neighbors, strangers, friends, enemies, and those in authority.  Why?  Because it pleases God!  It pleases God to have that holy conversation when we lift up people in prayer whether they are experiencing joy or facing sorrow.  And we also lift up those in authority.  That was certainly a hard pill to swallow in Paul’s day as the authority came from Rome.

Yet, at the heart of all of this when we pray for each other-friend or foe, neighbor or stranger, those in authority-God wants all people to be saved!  God wants everyone to come to a saving knowledge of the truth.

When we pray, we realize it’s not us but the LORD who is truly in charge.  When we pray, we realize our mediator is indeed Jesus Christ, the one who defeated death through his death and resurrection!

The fact that praying pleases God and that God wants all to be saved and have a knowledge of the truth is absolutely  Good News!

Through the Holy Spirit’s power, let us lift up the whole world in prayer so that all may know the saving power of our LORD.

Christ’s Peace,

Pastor T. Wes

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