“Wilderness Food”

Our scripture for Sunday is Exodus 16:1-21.  The Hebrews are in their third month of the journey toward the Promised Land.  They are hungry and have suddenly forgotten God’s powerful acts that brought them from captivity to freedom.  Times are tough for them and already, people are ready to go back to slavery because they […]

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“God’s Own Image”

Our scripture for Sunday is Genesis 1:1-2:4a. Let’s take our assumptions about Genesis and set them aside for a moment.  For now, let’s look at Genesis through the eyes of the exile.  After King Solomon’s death, Israel was split into two kingdoms-Israel (North) and Judah (South).  Israel was conquered and taken into captivity first.  Hundreds

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This Sunday is Palm Sunday and our scripture is Matthew 21:1-11. Jesus comes into Jerusalem riding on not one but TWO animals!  A donkey and her colt. The disciples are in the processional and a crowd of people are throwing their clothes and palm branches on the road to pave the way for Jesus.  And

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He Looked Up

Psalm 32 and Luke 19:1-10 are the scriptures for this Sunday. In Psalm 32, David teaches us that fessing up to our shortcomings is the right thing to do.  Furthermore, God rejoices when we fess up and is ready to embrace us!  When we let something eat away at us or if we were to

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Our Compassionate Savior

Our scriptures for this Sunday come from Psalm 103:1-8 and Luke 13:10-17. Compassion is a central theme in both passages.  In Psalm 103:8, the LORD is compassionate and full of mercy.  In Luke 13:12-13, Jesus looks with compassion onto the woman who has been bent over for over 18 years and heals her. Our God

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