“Wilderness Food”

Our scripture for Sunday is Exodus 16:1-21. 

The Hebrews are in their third month of the journey toward the Promised Land.  They are hungry and have suddenly forgotten God’s powerful acts that brought them from captivity to freedom.  Times are tough for them and already, people are ready to go back to slavery because they at least had their fill of bread and meat.

It’s human nature, but the Israelites have quickly forgotten the LORD’s mighty deeds:  Plagues against their adversaries, the first Passover, and the destruction of Pharaoh’s army drowning in the sea as the Israelites safely crossed over.  Yet, how does God respond?  The way God always responds:  Graciously.  God provides the great congregation of Hebrews the food they need in the desert.

However, there is a catch.  Do not save any food overnight.  Each day, God will provide enough.  Each day, they are to collect just enough for their families.  On the sixth day, they will collect double so they can rest on the Sabbath.

Yet, some people didn’t trust God.  They hoarded.  And the food that remained overnight became rotted and infested with worms.  God told the people that there would be enough daily food and for them not to worry.

God has given us enough to face the day as we journey toward like our ancestors did all those years ago.  Sometimes, though, we allow fear and anxiety get to us and we hoard.  Afraid there may not be enough.  Afraid to give freely as God has given.  Yet, here it is in Exodus 16:19-20, hoarding does no one any good, even the hoarders.

Beloved in Christ, let us remember that God gives us the daily bread we need and to cast all our anxieties on God.  God is leading us forward in this desert called 2020 and God is calling us to continue to graciously give of our resources-money, time, and talent-to continue to honor and glorify God and care for each other.

Believe this Good News!

Christ’s Peace,
Pastor T. Wes Moore

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