“LORD, Listen!”

Psalm 27 is the scripture for this Sunday. The psalm is attributed to David and it is a psalm of trust.  While that title is not in the superscription, there are elements of trust in this psalm.  The first six verses describe who God is:  Light, salvation, fortress, and shelter.  Does David need to fear? …

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Sing for Joy

Our scriptures for this Sunday are Isaiah 12 and Psalm 98. Isaiah 12 is a hymn of trust.  Psalm 98 is a hymn of praise.  Neither of them were written in a vacuum.  Isaiah 12 takes place after eleven chapters of doom and gloom relating to Israel’s eventual collapse and captivity to the Assyrians due …

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He Looked Up

Psalm 32 and Luke 19:1-10 are the scriptures for this Sunday. In Psalm 32, David teaches us that fessing up to our shortcomings is the right thing to do.  Furthermore, God rejoices when we fess up and is ready to embrace us!  When we let something eat away at us or if we were to …

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You Are My Refuge

Psalm 91 is the text for this Sunday. The psalm comes second in the section of Psalms, commonly called Book IV.   We don’t exactly know what its function is as there is no superscription (like Psalm 90 or Psalm 92).  It has elements of being some sort of liturgy when one entered the Temple …

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Rise Up, God!

This Sunday, our scripture is Psalm 82. It’s a peculiar psalm that starts out with the Psalmist painting a picture of God speaking to a divine council.  God accuses these gods of favoring wicked practices such as failing to provide for orphans, widows, and destitute while siding with the powerful. Furthermore,  God declares to the …

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