Rise Up, God!

This Sunday, our scripture is Psalm 82.

It’s a peculiar psalm that starts out with the Psalmist painting a picture of God speaking to a divine council.  God accuses these gods of favoring wicked practices such as failing to provide for orphans, widows, and destitute while siding with the powerful.

Furthermore,  God declares to the gods: You may be gods, but you are mortal and you will die like mortals.  In other words, these gods may think of themselves as powerful, but they are not.  They will die.  Only God is God who sides with the lowly and powerless.  And God is eternal.

Of course, at the time this psalm was written thousands of years ago, Israel was unique in that they only worshipped one God, while their neighbors worshipped many gods.  However, what is more striking in this passage in that these “gods” can be interpreted as earthly rulers.  If we look at it that way, this psalm doesn’t seem so distant.

Psalm 82 speaks to us today!  God has called us to care for the last and least among us.  Instead of siding with the powerful, we are to side with the oppressed.  As God is indeed active in and rules over creation, God holds all things and people in God’s hands.

“Rise up, God!  Judge the earth because you hold all nations in your possession” is the short, but powerful prayer of the Psalmist found in the last verse of Psalm 82.  Let us follow God’s leading and care for those who are vulnerable.

Friends, believe this Good News!

Christ’s Peace,

Pastor T. Wes

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