“LORD, Listen!”

Psalm 27 is the scripture for this Sunday.

The psalm is attributed to David and it is a psalm of trust.  While that title is not in the superscription, there are elements of trust in this psalm.  The first six verses describe who God is:  Light, salvation, fortress, and shelter.  Does David need to fear?  Of course not!  Furthermore, David has asked one thing from the LORD:  To live in the LORD’s house all the days of my life, seeing the LORD’s beauty and constantly adoring his temple.  Some of those words will, no doubt, bring you to Psalm 23:6.

Then there is Psalm 27:8-14.  David cries out to God to listen!  “LORD, listen to my voice…have mercy on me…!”  This prayer pivots from describing God’s attributes to having a holy and intimate conversation with God.  Even when his parents leave him alone, the Psalmist says the LORD will take him in.  In other words, God is our Perfect Parent who will not fail us.  And yet, even when evil people surround us, spread lies about us, or accuse us, we are reassured that God will lead us and protect us.

Finally, in this psalm of trust, we end with these words of hope:  “I have sure faith that I will experience the LORD’s goodness int he land of the living!  Hope in the LORD!”

Siblings in Christ, believe this Good News!

Christ’s Peace,

Pastor T. Wes

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