Sunday’s scriptures are from Exodus and Matthew.

In Exodus 24, Moses is led to the mountain.  In Matthew 17, Jesus leads Peter, James, and John to another mountain.  While there are similarities in the stories, there is one difference I wish to highlight: Moses embraces the mystery and glory of God while the disciples think they have it figured out.

The Transfiguration story in Matthew shows us that after the disciples hear God’s voice saying to listen to Jesus, they fall flat on their faces in fear.  Jesus has to calm them down.  Their hopes of building three shrines for Jesus, Moses, and Elijah are dashed.  Peter, James, and John thought they had it figured out.  Yet, there is so much more mystery and glory of God that it will take us an eternity to figure out.

On the other hand, Moses responds to God’s call to go up the mountain and be instructed.  Moses’ humility is demonstrated as an example for us.  We cannot pretend to understand God’s full mystery and glory.  Sometimes, we are to simply follow the call up the mountain to be instructed by God.

Siblings in Christ, let us not be distracted by what we think we know.  God’s glory and mystery are so much broader than what the human mind can comprehend.  Let us heed Moses’ example and open our ears, minds, and hearts to the mystery and glory of God that surrounds us.

Christ’s Peace,

Pastor T. Wes Moore

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