“Wilderness Food”

Our scripture for Sunday is Exodus 16:1-21.  The Hebrews are in their third month of the journey toward the Promised Land.  They are hungry and have suddenly forgotten God’s powerful acts that brought them from captivity to freedom.  Times are tough for them and already, people are ready to go back to slavery because they […]

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“Healer of Our Every Ill”

Ephesians 5:6-14 is our scripture for this Sunday. Paul is calling out the converts to Christianity.  Many scholars believe that congregation was mainly Gentile.  So, of course, there are problems.  There is this spiritual conflict facing many, if not all, in that congregation.  Many are living as if they are children of ignorance instead as

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Sunday’s scriptures are from Exodus and Matthew. In Exodus 24, Moses is led to the mountain.  In Matthew 17, Jesus leads Peter, James, and John to another mountain.  While there are similarities in the stories, there is one difference I wish to highlight: Moses embraces the mystery and glory of God while the disciples think

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  Our scriptures for Sunday are Genesis 11:1-9 and Acts 2:1-21.  Looking at them side by side, there are contrasts and similarities.  Notably, the Genesis reading ends in a united people scattered and the Acts passage ends with a scattered people united.  Or you may notice that one is about homogeneity (Genesis) and the other

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